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1976 911 Targa

This is a very nice guards red air cooled, classic Porsche with a sand beige interior. Almost everything is rebuilt or new, including a rebuilt 2.7 engine, new style chain tensioners, new 11 blade fan, Race Wear studs and bolts, all new seals, new pistons, all new oil lines, SPEC light weight fly wheel. SPEC racing clutch, new stainless steel performance exhaust, new high performance air box with K&N cold air intake, oil cooler for oil lines, new air conditioner compressor and parts, new carpet, new floor mats, Alpine sound system including blue-tooth, new Momo steering wheel and air horn, new custom shift knob, rebuilt targa top, new battery, repaired or replaced all wiring and new Bosch H4 headlights. There are 135,155 miles on this quickly appreciating classic. SOLD

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